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My name is Marie and I am far from the perfect person you will ever meet! I am 35 years old and a Mom to a beautiful son! I have a dark past from being a recovering drug addict to a childhood that was full of abuse and neglect! My mom was an alcoholic so love wasn't in her agenda.  She drank with me when she was pregnant with me leaving me with fetal alcohol syndrome.  It messed my arms up but I don't let that stop me doing the best in life!  I live with depression, anxiety and ptsd.  Having mental health issues doesn't stop me from being the best mom to my son!  I have healed alot since having a child of my own and realizing that a little human being can be full of joy and happiness!  I don't think my mom realized that because her drinking was more important.  

I curse a little LOL! Well ok quite a bit actually!  I'm not the average mom......far from it! I'm one who forgets something on the damn grocery list, occasionally forgets to put her pants on the right way and not inside out!  I snack on chocolate occasionally because a day of wiping asses, listening to your child repeat something 500 times a day, I cry in the bathroom when my brain has had enough bullshit for one day!  I am an advocate for moms with mental heath issues because face it, we get the the point of when we have fucking had it!  We all are ok to lose our shit sometimes because it's normal!  Taco tuesday is my favorite day of the week! I fall during yoga poses!  I love to laugh and love to make people laugh!  I'm also a shoulder to cry on!  Tomorrow is a new day of shit to try and accomplish! Life is short, live life to the fullest!



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